How one man changed my life.

Dedication: David Goggins

I am going to tell my story, I think it’s interesting but long. Let’s just begin. I was a normal kid when I was growing up, but when I turned 12 it all started. I started getting in more fights, already problems in school and got a bad relationship with my parents. I talked most with my mom though. I felt older than people my age and hit puberty from early. At 13 I got diognosed with Bipolar disorder and ADHD. I got worse at that time. I felt like I didn’t fit in. I first tried cannabis and alcohol at that time. At 14 I smoked weed regularly. I had managed to hide it a long time and was trying my best to make it look like I was a good kid. A lot changed one night. I had smoked and was chilling in a SevenEleven late maybe like 3 or 4. I was eating and was looking super high. Some older guy asked me for weed. I rolled it for them right outside the door and got my money. 15 minutes later the police were there. I come from a small city so police was always making hell. They came in. I tried to look normal. They said something to me from kinda far. I didn’t think I just took of, I thought it would be a back door. I ended up locking myself in the toilet. I couldn’t hide the bag before the policemen had kicked open the door. I was in panic and high I refused to be searched. I ended up fighting 3 grown men didn’t take long before I was on the floor. The one lady that was there said it was getting out of control. They took me to the station and they drove me home after a wile. I had little over 6 grams on me and got a case for obsession, sale and use of drugs. Mom and dad almost sent me away. I got sad after this and started taking ecstasy and Amphetamin. I was doing shit in school and had gives up. Just so you know I was a smart kid, I loved history and loved learning new thing. I was a nerd at home and learn many wird category about everything. But I never cared about class and joked around. I tried to hide everything about myself and was doing it ok. Mom noticed I was always in my room and never had energy when I was with them. I stared loosing weight. Mom noticed it before me. I had always been the one in good shape and was strong so this was wird. Fast forward to when I was done with middel school. In my country middle school ends when you are 15/16 I was 15. I didn’t get in to any school I wrote to. Mom made me go to a different type of school since didn’t get in no place. All the people there was retard or stoners/ drug addics. This was worse for me at that time. I tried more and more drugs there. 7 months after I started there mom and dad said it was enough, they didn’t want me. I was allowed by a friend to sleep at his place for a wile. I was still under my parents name but I wasn’t allowed home. I basically moved in to this guys house. He lived with his mom, but we had the basement for ourselves. His mom was alright with me living there. She made food and gave us what we need even she had kinda given up. I lived there for 2,5 years… Just on drugs we only had small breaks to try and not loose all our weight and still live. A kind of random day in November I saw a guy named David Goggins. He talked about quitter’s and losers. At first I didn’t like him but after a couple days I loved him. I stoped feeling bad for myself, I thought about it and understood I needed to do something in life. I didn’t want do die living a life like that. I signed up for a place I could get of drugs. I was there 3 weeks. I returned to my friends place or my place at the time. I told him I was done with drugs and wanted to get my shit together. Next day I was going to my mom and dad’s house. I tried running, but mostly walked. When I got there mom opened. She was shocked to see me but said I could come in. I told them how I felt about everything, I wanted a normal life. Get a job and get better. I asked if I could sleep there and promised to get everything together. I said they could throw me out if I did anything. Next morning I went outside to run. Just as last time I had to walk most part, but I enjoyed the feeling of pushing myself. Mom got me a place that could help me getting my grades so I could get into a real school. I got my stuff and (moved) back home. I was running almost everyday now and started gaining weight again. I stared going to the gym after a wile too and ate right. I focused so good in school now. After a year I was done at that place. It helped me get some good grades and I got into a school I wanted almost 4 years before this. I was doing so well with everything. Mom and Dad finally loved me again. I first saw David Goggins in 2014 and he has now changed my life. I worked and got rewarded. I now own a gym and have a wife and child on the way. I want to share my story to hopefully help others. You can always make it in life. It’s never to late. Drugs can be hard I know that it’s after you quit you see how bad it is. And David Goggins I love you. It’s not just about training but his mentality and power. He made me believe in myself and fight for my chance. I hope everybody finds a good role model.