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I am Shichita from India. I am sharing my life story which I wanted to share because I don’t want it to be lost inside me.
This story is all about my first love and then a journey to find love.
My sister’s wedding was in 2004 winters, and I was the one who was a very active girl for doing all the arrangements for the wedding and taking care of all the guests. The evening just before the wedding jayamal ceremony I came to the venue on my bike after finishing all the arrangements. I was 22 that time. The groom family was already coming with a band and as typical wedding dance and music.i was not ready yet. all girls were dressed up and busy with the program of the ceremony. i rushed to wear a saree quickly and did some light makeup. and was ready to welcome boys family. People were dancing and one guy who was my sister’s brother-in-law was the happiest person and dancing like crazy. He saw me and smiled, I gave him a smile as he was relative of my sister. i was wearing a sky blue saree with some jewelry and Bengals. He kept watching me. I looked very smart and handsome, but it was the first time I met him so i did not develop any feeling for him. I followed him in one golgappa stall and i just spilled lots of golgappa water on his dress. he smiled and moved on. I felt like he started loving me from deep of his heart.

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