Behind the walls

Dedication: I would dedicate this story for someone who's battling with depression and feel lonely

Hi, i’m a high school teenager. i wrote this story just because i feel so lonely and sad and clearly don’t know what to do. when i;m around my friends, my family, i became this cheerful person, i made jokes, and i seems like a carefree person. but when i’m alone, staying in my room, sometimes i can be so lonely, feeling such a failure and depressed. i can’t tell my friend(s), or my family that i actually i’m suffering from depression, as you can see, they see me as a cheerful person. and i’m from this culture that actually don’t understand or refuse to understand about depression. depression is clearly taboo here. so i kept this secret from myself. i cannot find myself a friend that actually i can trust. one time i had this one friend and i tell her about my depression, and she seems don’t care about it. since then i just keep this secret for myself. but right now i just cant handle anymore so maybe by writing here, in this site can reduce my thoughts. and clearly my English are messed up, i’m sorry.