It all starts with YOU!

Dedication: I'm dictating this to each and every one of us, to all the beautiful souls in the world. to never lose hope. there is so much ugliness in the world but chose to see the beauty.

BELIEVING is CHANGING. how I did it and how I am still managing to do it.

I’ll start with my story with stress, and how stress changed me over the years.

Before starting medicine during my freshman year, I was such a positive, energetic person. I never remember feeling tired at all. I could describe my freshman year as the hardest year so far in terms of finishing too late from my classes. That kind of classes that finished at 6 pm and I would go back home at 7.. but somehow, I still managed to be an *A* student, but, this only lasted during freshman year. Then through the next years, my grades were declining .. I became a *B* student, and then, unfortunately, a *C* student ….

During all this time I was feeling aches and pain all over my body .. it didn’t start all at once, but gradually over time .. the pain and aches I felt over my whole body was unbearable.

I never thought that this could really be stress, but I started to notice that I get all this pain during my exams .. during study times .. forgetting that stress has different forms and everybody’s reaction to stress is different. My body’s reaction to stress is feeling so much pain in my wrists at both my hands .. feeling dizzy most of the time… Feeling so low and I felt like I can’t do anything at all, and I’m just tired all the time.

I always underestimated myself saying I can’t do this, how will I do this? Will I be able to do this? Being successful in my studies was the hardest challenge for me .. I always had fears of not passing my exams .. the fear of seeing *F* as a result of an exam I took.

But what happens every time is whenever I feel that something is hard and feel like I can’t do it .. I always find myself doing it successfully… I always find myself passing my exams and I tell myself: ugh! If I just pushed harder, I would’ve got a B instead of a C. If I just pushed harder I would’ve got an A instead of a B.

After a while, I realized that it’s just all in my head… Those fears that hunt me all the time and make me feel like I can’t go for the thing I want in life, things would’ve been different if I believed in myself a little harder, it’s true that little things can change big things in our lives.

Every one of us have different fears .. my fear was always getting though medicine with good grades .. the best challenge I have ever gone through was losing weight .. I am 160cm tall and my weight was 70kg … that is pretty much for my height .. I started to look at the people around me, like how they just look good, not fat, they can wear whatever they want… They feel so good about themselves, and here I mean that kind of confidence.

So here came the biggest challenge for me: I decided to lose weight, but how to do it was the scariest part.

It was so hard at the beginning for someone who never worked out before. I started with the easiest thing, which was just jumping. I remember I didn’t even have a rope at that time, I would do the hand rotation thing as if I had a rope. Then slowly I started to search on YouTube workout videos .. and I did the ones I felt like I was capable of doing .. then over time I started to look for more challenging videos until I felt like I owned working out .. everything is so hard at the beginning, but over time my body got used to it and challenges became more fun. At the end of my 3 month summer holiday, I lost 15kg .. I became 55kg which was just so perfect for me .. that was my goal! And I reached it.

I didn’t really go to check for a diet online and sometimes the good diets can be for paying some money .. so, I decided to just go easy on myself and cut the things that I know would increase my weight. Just the simple things like bread, eating junk food, drinking soda. Just cutting out the things that everybody generally knows that they are not healthy. Even if I wanted to eat something unhealthy, I would take a few bites of it, but not making my stomach full of that pizza slice or burger sandwich.

What made me even stronger and committed was my boyfriend .. he supported every single time when I felt like giving up on myself.

Emotional support was a big part of my success in losing all this weight and staying committed all the time.

So, what I want to tell you is, it all starts with one thing YOU… YOU… YOU… AND YOUUUU.
You got the power over yourself to change and be a different human being and be the person who you really want to be .. be your OWN IDOL .. always keep in mind and tell yourself how happy you are going to feel when u finally say: YES! I DID IT!. I swear there is no other feeling in the world that can equal this particular feeling.

Whenever u feel down I suggest you go do something you love. Go and have a talk with someone whom you really and truly love. And I sure you that this person will never let go of you and will always help you no matter what. All you need to do is just to dig deep around you and find that person.

Nothing is hard… You, I and every one among us can reach them dreams and own them… It’s just we gotta BELIEVE in OURSELVES ENOUGH and go for it .. just as I mentioned before maybe you have stress symptoms that u never really knew or paid attention to. What I am trying to say is whenever u feel emotionally or physically down .. think about it. Don’t just say I feel so and so… Keep asking yourself why would I feel so? And if u don’t find any explanation, just go and seek help .. go and search in google .. go to a friend, your lover and if that didn’t work, then go and seek medical help either physically or emotionally.

Sometimes emotions and feelings control every single thing in our lives. Yes, emotions can affect our physical activity too, and go can go search and read about it. Just like me, I went and searched about stress symptoms, they are so many, u might even have all of them and sometimes a few of them because each one of us reacts differently to stress and anxiety.

I will say this again .. look and search inside yourself first and then go to seek help from others…

How to manage stress? I swear it’s the easiest thing ever. Did u guess it yet?

Yes! It’s going for what scares you the most, it’s fighting your fears. It’s believing yourself, it’s having PATIENCE and never giving up on yourselves, even if you failed once, NEVER feel like a loser and quit. NO, challenge yourself, and tell yourself: this can’t beat me, I won’t let few papers get me. I won’t let my laziness stop me studying or working out .. I won’t let the fear of the pain stop me. I can and I will.

And trust me when you do it. Ugh! You will love yourself. LOVE yourself… I swear you are so beautiful the way you are… we are all beautiful creatures .. full of beautiful things… Look for that beauty and just make it grow and grow. always tell yourself good things because nothing in this world is worth being sad for… put yourself as a priority and just do what makes your soul happy

Here are some tips that help me all the time to stay positive. do something you love when u feel down, workout. even if not for losing weight, just do it because it helps to raise your self-esteem, take care of yourself .. like going to the saloon, get your hair done, your nails, get a facial treatments umm .. I don’t know what to call them but I mean the things that can make ur face looks gorgeous, got me? .. wax your body .. do your eyebrows .. Put on some fake lashes, get a haircut, change your hair colour or even wear hair extensions.

JUST DO WHATEVER SUITS YOUT THE BEST AND WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL. All these things will add glam to your skin and will just make you happy .. you will feel beautiful and nothing equals that.

Another tip to feel happy is you have to spend time with others .. you have to share laughter, joy, love, and affection with the ones close to your heart. Even if it’s only one person. Just do it. Meet up, have fun and go for it.

Try to change for good, try to break bad unhealthy habits, do your chores (most of the time when we don’t make our chores on time, this will lead to a big stress but when u do it early oh! U will feel so relieved. just TRY it, AS THEY SAY, IF U NEVER TRY U WILL NEVER KNOW). Try to be happy, and even happiness differs from one person to another, it’s not necessarily what makes me happy can make you happy too, so find what works best for you .. seek those things and within a while, you will feel like a new-born baby, carefree and mostly happy.

I hope that whatever I said can make you feel good. Gave you hope and even happiness.

Lastly, Don’t ever give up on yourself, because yourself is the most important thing you have got in the world to LOVE, CHANGE and to make HAPPY????.

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I'm 20 years old, medical student, love to share positive energy and affection to the world. because I personally believe that love can make miracles.