Dedication: To the people who think there is no way to be in live anymore I want to tell that there is a way to live a life and which is God.

It was 2013 the first time I meet that person it was a Christmas and it was a pastor who called our church to join with them and have a party with them and I meet that someone, we didn’t know each other and after Christmas party I came home and thinking about that person so I fall a sleep and after few days I meet the same person in my best friend house I was so confuse what is going on is that my dream or something so I ask my best friend who is that person so she tell me about him and I was like oh OK, I was using my Facebook and my cousin text me and she told me that she like someone I was wondering who is that person that she have crush on and she send me that person photo I was like WTH that the person I was looking for and she had crush on him so I thought to keep it secret and she ask me for help to get him so I decided to help her and she give me her Facebook username and password and I open her Facebook and I saw that he add her on Facebook and I start texting with him and then we become really good friend, we start sharing thing like what happens today at school and other thing but he didn’t know it was me, he though it was my cousin the whole time and I was so tried of lying to him, so I decided to tell him the truth but I could not because I promise my cousin that I will not tell him the truth so I did not tell him anything and I told my cousin that I don’t want to text him anymore because I start liking him, I didn’t told her that I like him I just told her that I don’t want to text him anymore because I could not lie to him and she was like ok because she find someone else and I stop texting him and I called my best friend and tell her everything what happened to me and after few month I didn’t know my best friend add him on Facebook and text him and talk to him and tell him the truth about me and my cousin I was scared and he text me and ask me if that was truth and I say yes, he propose me and I say YES we date like 3 or 4 year our family did not want us to be together so we both decided to break up and after we break up we didn’t talk like 1 year and I decided to text him because I still have feeling for him so I text him but I never know that he never love me from heart, he just want to have fun with me I though to have a good life with him but never feel that he love me for my body which was my biggest mistake to get back with him now my family member are so mad at me …my dad had not talk to me because of him and now he got married with different girl i’m still happy for him but what he had done to my life I will never forgot him because he destroy my life in once I truly love him but he was just playing with me, if he really want to play with me why did he promise to stay with me no matter what why? I feel like to died because my parents never aspect me for that but still I try my best and still i’m trying my best to be best front of my parents I don’t need no one in my life aspect for my parents all I need is my parents happiness and i’m so happy because my heaven father is with me to fight with my life problem he had the all problem solution just pray and read bible just tell our problem to lord he will solve the problem.

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Anjula Diyali