I can and I will.

Dedication: To all women out there striving to be all they want to be.

The society I grew up in is one that still believes a female’s place is at the back. She is not to aim high, dream big or speak out except when asked to.
I grew up timid and afraid of speaking out. At some points while growing up, I had low self esteem.

Breakthrough :
I participated in a self-esteem and leadership project organized by Youngstars development initiative titled ‘Female and More’. This project was the breakthrough. It built my self esteem and I started writing more which I have always wanted to do. I started speaking out in gatherings, airing my opinions. I am now courageous and determined to achieve those goals I thought I could not. I will not be distracted by naysayers. I can and I will.

Today, I’m helping other young girls in my country to realize their potentials, to break the silence and achieve all they want because they can.
I’m passionate about the empowerment of the girl child which will make her fully exercise her rights and give us a more gender equal society.

Through my organization, MEWEI (Mentor Eniola Women Empowerment Initiative) , I am educating and mentoring girls on how they can be empowered and independent. To that young girl reading this, always remember you can be who you want to be.

I’m passionate about other things like STEM, mental health and politics. I am a computer scientist. I love writing, teaching and seeing new places. I’m still evolving. Watch out!

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Eniola Oladele

I'm a happy person. I believe in the midst of all accomplishments, we should find ways to give back to the community. I am passionate about women and girls empowerment. I started MEWEI (Mentor Eniola Women Empowerment Initiative) a NGO focused on empowering women and girls through education and mentorship. I see it as my way of giving back. I strive to be like a beacon, a guiding light for people.