Universal love and the need to express the laws which were created to establish the basic principles of human existence!

Dedication: My peers and the ones that choose to ignore the simple things that make a real difference

Memorial Day weekend honors all the fallen who have given their lives so as Americans we would enjoy independence as they choose. I was not given the same comforts as other Americans, let me explain. I was born premature and was cared for all my life. I was told I was under the developmental disabilities category. I am not happy wearing this title. My income can not exceed 2000.00 dollars a month. I am willing to work. Louisiana Rehab receives funding from the federal government for my name being on a list for years. No agencies ever given written or verbal assistance for money received. Greed should never exist where universal love exist . My point being the business need to respect the lame and gifted talent before them. Ada law requires restaurants to have accommodations for all Americans. I cried this ich inch

I have it was crèche it was created.weekend in lake chafes louisiana, where I was to join family, but was pushed on gravel floor to get to my table. The hotel room was up to code, but the employee of the hotel admitted he parks in the handicap when parking lot is full, despite the law. The casinos bathroom was up to code, needing the handicap bathroom I was not surprised to find it occupied by a person who knowing chose to use it regardless of the purpose of it.

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Mary Bridgett lacombe

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