Reclaiming My Power From Fatherlessness

Dedication: To my mother Ethlyn Clarke. Even though you are no longer here in the flesh, thank you for giving me your best and telling me the truth about my paternity. It took a long time but you can now celebrate. You have been vindicated.

This is my story. I faced a lot of adversity including poverty, physical and sexual abuse during my childhood which created a cycle of abuse that followed me into my early adult life. I took the time to address much of that trauma so I could heal and help others heal. This resulted in my career of empowering women.

But you know what I never confronted until now? My deepest wound which is that of being a Fatherless Daughter. I was abandoned by my birth father before I was even born.

It took me more than 50 years to face it because I dealt with tremendous emotional pain and shame around it… As if the abandonment was somehow my fault.

I realize this went way back to my mother’s pain and shame. So I broke a generational curse by facing it and writing about it in a book.

My story has just been featured in a documentary film which has been screened in select theaters across the US.

It is my intention to reach as many people as possible to help them heal their brokenness with my story.

If you would like to read my story you can find it on Amazon

No More Chains Vol 2: It’s Time for Change
By Lorna Blake

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Lorna Blake

Lorna Blake is an International Speaker, Leadership & Prosperity Coach, Author & Visionary committed to empowering women and girls.