I am selfish.

I am a selfish person. But I never really knew it until there was one day when my bestfriend said this to me: ” You’re so selfish”. I still remembered the reason why she said that. It was because I did not let her copy my homework. But that is not the point. When I was 5 years old, my mom and my dad devorced because my dad was having an affair. And since then my mom have been taking care of my brother and me all on her own, my dad married again with another woman and having his own family. Since my dad was having his own family, we did not get to see him much. Just 1 or 2 times a year on my birthday or in the New year eve. At first, I just simply thought that if my mom and my dad could not feel alright then broke up is just th right thing to do. It would be good for both of them and me and my brother too. Even though I really hated it when all the people around me keep asking me if my dad would come to visit us often or how did my mom do everything on her own. But as I grown up, I realize the importance of having a full family. I jealous whenever I look at my friends’s family. When they told me the stories about their family, I hate hearing them. I do not believe in such things as true love or marriage because every thime when I think of that, I remember what my mom used to have to suffer. Recently there was some other men kept calling to my mom’s phone. I did ask her but she refuseed them. So today I ask her again, she keeps refusing all the thing that I said so I got upset and I yelled at her. I know that I do not have the right to make her to do the things she does not want to do but on my mind, I do not know why I keep thinking that if one day she meet another men, She will no longer care and take care of us anymore. I am afraid of losing her since she was the most important person in my life. My mom told me that I was selfish. And I know she was absolutely right. My story might not have any good things in it but I just want to share it with someone since I can not tell it to anybody. So if you may read this story, I really appriciated that you have spent your time to read my story.