Brain trauma awakening

My story. Take a moment to reflect. Through this physical embodied lifetime we go through immense changes that other species are incapable of, this may be due to the fact we have both consciousness and subconsciousness, these are devided by control. You consiously decide to do something (taking control), the act of creation by your thinking, then often let your subconscious (uncontrolled thinking) aka social media feed mind over rule and makes you doubt, moving you away from knowing, knowing you want to do something for a reason you’re not quite sure of but it feels right, moving you further away from the knowing that if you can think it then you can see it, feel it, bring it in to your current existing reality. I believe previously people used to survive by coming together and bringing their needs in to their existence through attraction, through belief, through pure light… My story is about how one persons beliefs can be strong enough to change the reality they’ve been told they exist in.
When I was 14, I had an accident. I made a ramp and in the run up was being pulled along by my derestricted moped my friend was riding and unfortunately didn’t make it over the ramp as the suspension dipped when it hits the ramp which projected me through the air where I landed on my head. I was diagnosed quickly as being in a coma. My mum was told worse scenario I would stay in a coma. Best scenario wake up as a vegetable in a wheel chair ( I was in France and think they where just trying to help my mum with some broken English and poor translation), after 3 weeks I had awoken from the coma but was left paralyzed down the whole right hand side of my body. After another month had gone by I was coming out of the comatosed state and my mind was finally reconnecting some synapse formation. I don’t remember much of the hospital but after 3 days of waking up with a conscious knowing that I will be fine as I believed that I was in deep dream state. On the third day I pinched myself so hard I bled and the emotion. The emotional sensation, the taste…I knew… This was much more than a dream and decided right there and then to move, I launched myself out of bed collapsing in a heap on the floor. Within what felt like seconds I was swarmed by nurses and lifted back on to my bed. I don’t remember much after that but demanding to be let out of bed and insisting I could walk, I believe I had proven I could move my toes and my finger so had shown an instant sign on improvement, This also link to the doctor saying I was a miracle and he had never seen this sort of instantaneous change of health. A short while later I was taken down stairs in to the physio room where I remember being in the room with a beautiful girl called Margot, she had had her leg amputated bellow the knee as she had cancer in her lower leg and was learning to walk again. I asked the doctors to ask her if she would come with me on my first steps in just over 2 months. Once she had arrived I was helped out of the wheelchair and to two horizontal bars where I used my left arm to hold up my weight and Margot held my right hand encouraging me, and I moved my leg slowly forward, I couldn’t yet support my weight as my muscle had been dormant for so long but I was able to demonstrate the act of never giving up on what you believe in. Due to this the doctor called another doctor and so he called two of his colleagues to see what I was now capable of to which 4 doctors called me a miracle. I denied this fact and just told them to believe. Within a month of this I was on an exercise bike whilst curling small weights, I was still using my wheelchair for distance travel but could manage to walk within the rehabilitation building. Withing one month of that I was released home and quickly reintegrated back in to school. I was living in France when this happened and according to my mum my first words on waking up from the coma where “J’ai besoin faire pipi” French for I need to have a wee. My mum was keen to get me back to school as prior to the hospitalisation I hadn’t spoken much french and had been there for 3 years but showed huge sign of improvement and had returned to make new friends who where french and therefore helped me further progress in the language but also very understanding and assisting with my issues

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