how I got over depression as a teen

Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it includes references to sexual assault.

What happened to me?
TRIGGER WARNING: A lot has happened to me in the past year but think one of the hardest things that happened to me was one I was about 15 years old I started a new school/high school which was one of the scariest things as a teenage girl because I did not know a single girl coming in. Not to many girls came up to me but many guys did and they where very flirty. I didn’t think to much about it but many guys would treat me like an object and touch me like I had no feelings. One guy one day he was one of my closest friend asked if I wanted to grab some lunch with him and then go to cvs after. I liked him as more than a friend but I had no intent on doping anything with him. he asked if I wanted to go to the bathroom and kiss him. I did and he ended up sexual assaulting me which was horrible. I told him I was going to tell someone what he did so before I could he told the entire school that I was all over him and pushed him into something he didn’t want to do. People came up to me and told me “Go kill yourself you hoe” which I don’t think anyone should hear in their life. This ended up making me feel very suicidal and making me feel like there’s no purpose to my life. I attempted suicide twice and was in the hospital for a few weeks which was a very traumatizes experience. But Ive been working very hard to get over what people have said and down below is how I’ve got over all of this.

how Ive got over depression
Its been a long and hard road to recovery but it’s all been worth its to see how beautiful life is worth living. I started therapy about a year ago and did a 5 month therapy program to help with self esteem and to build a life worth living. I realized that it does not matter what girls say because there either jealous or sad about something there going g through and taking all their emotions out on you. I also figured out that I am a beautiful strong loving kind person who dosent need anyone telling her other wise. Ive worked so hard on bettering myself and working on my mental health. I now feel like a different confident person which is what i think many people strive to be. I wanted to keep this paragraph sweet and short because everyones recovery is different. A saying that always stuck with me is everything that goes up comes down and I think that whatever you are going through will eventually come down and you will feel amazing just like I do!

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