Hope Through Tea

Dedication: I dedicate The Tea Giver Project to all who are finding healing.

I continue to find hope through sharing tea with others. A cup of tea helps you to find the bright light within each day. On June 17th of 2019 I founded The Tea Giver Project which is a nonprofit organization bringing hope to others through tea. The mission is to continuously connect, heal, and comfort others through tea. Tea brings people together and is a safe haven for all.

When you are feeling down turn to a cup of tea for a lift up. Many times when I feel down I turn to a cup of tea and a smile lights up my face. When I founded The Tea Giver Project in the middle of the night I found hope. I found that people could find healing through this beverage of tea. My journaled tea cup filled pages turned to boxes of tea packaged and ready to be gifted to others.

Sometimes I stay up late hours to make sure that everyone will be able to access a cup of comfort. Every tea gift is packaged with care for frontline workers, and beyond. Everyone deserves a piece of comfort and everyone should have access to that.

The Tea Giver Project was founded by a Beatles fan who’s inspiration is through peace and love. Kindness changes lives and everyone has the power to be kind. I’ve been able to package and gift over 20,000 tea gifts for others. When I put these gifts together I feel a sense of healing and hope. I hope that others find that to when they drink a cup of tea packaged from The Tea Giver Project. You can and you will find hope through tea.
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Angela The Beatlemaniac

The Beatles are my favorite band and the driving force behind The Tea Giver Project. I’ve been grateful I have many Beatles related experiences that continuously inspire The Tea Giver Project. Peace & Love & Tea!