Every Woman is Wonderful!

I have been very passionate about writing since young age. My writings were often published in college magazine. But it struck me that I want to write about women’s issues and share their inspiring stories with the world quite late in life. Getting encouraged by a friend of my husband I started my own blog a few years back. At that time, I had a ‘no niche’ blog. So I wrote about everything related to women like lifestyle, fashion, inspiration, parenting, recipes etc. etc. But I felt I was lacking the motivation to continue my blog. Meanwhile, a tragic life-changing event happened in which I lost my mom. I slipped into a temporary depression. I didn’t feel like doing anything and I stopped blogging as well. I lost my domain and hosting as I didn’t renew them on time. I lost my blog. I wasn’t going to restart it. But then a friend encouraged me to give it a try again. This time when I decided to restart my blog, I was sure about what I wanted to do. I decided to raise my voice for women through my blog. I feel women are the most beautiful creations of God. This is the reason why I chose to write about women and their lives on my blog. I love reading and writing motivational real-life stories of women who struggled hard and achieved success through their hard work and determination. My blog is dedicated to all such women. I named my blog WonderfulWoman.in since I believe Every Woman is Wonderful! I feel proud of being a blogger who is bringing amazing stories of women before the world and discussing about their issues. I feel great when I receive mails from women from different parts of world sharing their stories with me. I have made some absolutely fabulous women friends during my blogging journey. I have been blogging about women for more than two and a half years. Now I plan to write some books depicting the beauty and strength of women. Recently I have written my debut book ‘Love Being a Woman… Celebrate Womanhood’ a collection of 21 short poems on women. It is an Amazon Kindle e book. I have got superb reviews from women on my book. This debut work of mine has also been nominated for two very prestigious awards. So I am looking forward to writing more such books for the gorgeous ladies out there. I will also be continuing my blogging journey. 🙂

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Deeksha Tripathi

I am Deeksha Tripathi from Agra, India. I am the founder and owner of WonderfulWoman.in a blog dedicated to sharing I spiring stories of women from different parts of the world. I am also the author of 'Love Being a Woman...Celebrate Womanhood' a collection of 21 short poems on women which show the extraordinary strength of ordinary women. I am also a full time school teacher and mom to a cute little girl.