Life is full of miracles

Dedication: My Dad

Hi! I’m a 20 year old medical student from South India. I was always pampered as kid owing to the fact that I was the only child.

I had everything growing up be it wealth, health or laughter. But things started changing from middle school. My dad who was a successful businessman fell ill due to which he suffered in his business. My father’s family started drifting apart due to our financial conditions and stopped considering us a part of them. My dad suffered from depression during this phase as his family had given up on him. The impact of his depression was experienced by my mother and I. As a 13 year old kid I would pray to God to return back home and find my dad alive. I slowly started drifting apart from my friends be it because of what I was going through at home or because my friends no longer considered my a match to their level. It kinda hurt me as a teen seeing people easily giving up on you because of materialistic stuff. My mom and I supported my dad through this misery as a result of which he got through a sad phase and emerged a happy man who was able to rebuild his career and his position in his family. He started a new firm and worked twice as hard to clear our debts and construct a new life for us. Today he is more successful than he was when he failed in his business. His family respects him for who he is and not for his money, his colleagues have great respect for him and I couldn’t be more proud of my hero.
He was able to send me to best of colleagues to pursue the career I wanted and save enough money to buy a new car and a luxurious house.

Don’t give up, there’s something better out there for you!