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Dedication: My mother - Ellen Burukai for raising a proud Feminist

Letter from My grandmother
She said work hard, be smart and always remember what you look like is always more important than what you say.
She said a woman has to be seen before she is heard.
She said its not important to send you to school, besides you will just get married, why bother.
She said do not eat too much men don’t like fat women, she also said do not starve yourself men like women with flesh.
She said if he hits you, he loves you. Bear those scare with pride
She said as long as you have the ring let him be, he will always come back.
She said don’t raise your voice, talk too much or question the societal norms, men don’t like smart women.
She said smile, be happy and stop complaining. A happy wife is a happy life even and especially when you hurting.
She said………. I say this, because I care

Letter from My Mother.

She said you are stubborn you take after your father.
She said you better do well at school I am not sending you to just play.
She said you better get good score, get a job, get married and give me grandkids.
She said look at our neighbor’s daughter she is respectful and obedient and doesn’t talk too much like you.
She said, who’s that boy you were standing with? I hope you not sleeping around or else I will slap the soul out of your body.
She said don’t be like me, I didn’t finish school because I was a girl and my parents thought its wasting money on my education, yet I was intelligent.
She said I know you didn’t get that scholarship but its ok, keep trying.
She said I can’t afford that laptop for your studies but I promise I will make a plan.
She said be heard before you are seen, you are more than your body and looks.
She said if he hits you, tell me and I will come hit him.
She said you are beautiful, smart, hardworking and I am proud of you.
She said when are you getting married?
She said you now married, when are you going to have kids?
She said….. I say this because I care.

Letter to My Daughter
I love you and I will support all the choices you will make. I will be your biggest cheerleader and loudest critique.
I say this….. I say this because I care.

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Tadiwanashe Burukai-Matutu

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