Without any hope anymore :)

Hi.I’m anonymous and today i decided to share my story with you.I think my mother’s boyfriend is a pedophile.He has not once shown sexual nonsense to me as a little and even touched me sexual.Months ago I found naked teenagers on his phone. It was all girls under 18, even children of 10!My mother recently got cancer and had to be away from us for a while.While she was gone, he kept scolding at me and disturbing her.For those who have had cancer incidents, they know that treatment requires peace.After she came back, everything came back as it was … But not for long.We argued with him for a while about various things.My friend advised me not to pay attention to him. And so I did.After shouting at me for not answering my mother, I started laughing.It was a stupid reason for shouting..He started insulting me. He told me that I was ungrateful and I didn’t deserve anything.Then he took my tablet and my mother started calling him to return it.She was crying at the same time because she wanted to rest and he started everything.I won’t lie. I was self-harming myself for a while until I almost fainted.I don’t want to go home but I have no choice.My father doesn’t want me or my relatives.My dog ​​died recently too.For now I’m doing well but I want to tell something to all those who are fighting for their lives – do not give up!I hope you all have a nice day! Love you!<3