Don’t be a Jerk!

Dedication: To my ex boyfriend

The day I got pregnant with my daughters and son was the best day of my life! So at least I thought because that same day I went to my boyfriend’s house and told him he was going to be a dad! He was excited about becoming a dad until he found out that I was pregnant with triplets! He was very mad and he was so mad that we broke up and never wanting to see each other again! I was really P***** off that I was going to have Raise three kids on my own! I was also really P***** because he didn’t even want to see the kids ever!

Anyway, when I got home my mom and dad packed my Suitcases and backpacks and gave me a thousand dollars and kicked me out the house and told me to never to come back! They told me that they didn’t want three crying babies at home and someone who couldn’t afford to feed and clothes three babies! I begged and begged for them to let me stay but it was no use! I even told them that I’ll get a job! Still they didn’t care! And they kicked me out anyway! Luckily My older brothers had room for me and my three babies!

Anyway I don’t how but after I gave birth and brought them home I saw him. My ex boyfriend that I now call a B**** wanted to see the kids! I told him no because since he did ugly things to I’m gonna do ugly things to me! He even begged and Pleaseded me and I still said no right up in his face! Then he left sobbing and I never saw him again!