Covid19 – Rome, March 8th 2020

Dedication: To researchers, doctors, nurses that are fighting the new Coronavirus Flu

When thinking if we could do something for other women today , March 8th 2020, I realized I could tell what’s about COVID19 this new dangerous flu emergency in my country.

I am Italian, living in Rome not in the area that is currently the most affected by the epidemy but in a country where the virus is spreading rapidly.

This is not the first and will not be the last epidemy this world will see and the best we can do as citizens in all the worls, is to respect guidelines to minimize the contageon.
Elderly and sick people are those most in danger and we need to be cautious as the risk is higher for them but still present for all of us.
In Italy the Healthcare system is public and everyone can get treatments for free and this is helping a lot, the virus though is so quick that hospitals are extremely under pressure.

Why I am writing?
-to thank all doctors, nurses, and volunteers for everything they are doing.
-to share what we are learning with all of those still not yet touched by the epidemy in case they will need.
-to encourage all women and girls be faithful about the future after the Flu.

I am thankful to be born in such a generous and lively country where nature, history and art have create such a beautiful harmony and where everybody can be treated with no distinction.

We will make it and welcome you all back to our wonderful country again !

Photo credit: Image courtesy of storyteller.

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