My body my pride

Dedication: To all the womam

Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains graphic descriptions of rape, sexual assault and other acts of violence.

Im a 26 year old female
26 August 2015 i was raped and staped to death buy someone whom i thought he was my brothed
Earlier that day i was going to school as usual while i was on my way i always pass through his house i heard someone calling my name then i turned back to see who was calling me only to find out it was that guy he asked me to come with him in to his house he needed some help with the washing machine because i trusted him i took him as my brother i looked at the time only to find out i still have time so why not help him so i kindly followed him to the house the machine was in the kitchen so we took the machine from the kitchen to the bathroom while i was on my way out because he was behind me he grabbed me and put the knife on my neck and he said do not screem you screem you die for a second i thought he was joking then he struggled me so hard to the point where i cant breath then he pushed me to the bedroom he told me to take off my clothes i refused he slaped my face and then he took off his trouser he told me suck his dick i refused then he forcefully put his dick into my mouth after he took off my trouser then raped me reportedly after hes done he went outside i followed him he asked me where im going i said to him you’ve done what you wanted to do now let me go he said no at that time he had a hamar and a dish cloth the knife
He pushed me back to his bedroom he asked me to put the cloth in to my mouth i refused then he forcefully pushed the cloth in to my mouth i grabbed the hamer that he had i hit him on his head he got so angry he hit me back with the harmer two times i feel down in the flow then he stabbed me five times i couldn’t fight back couse i didn’t have the strength then he took the cloth he put it into my mouth an some wirers he tied my arms and legs then he went out he thought i was dead while he was out i prayed to god to save me to help me after that i just gained my strength back i was able to get out of that place while i was running i meet some guy who helped me to get home