Saga of emotions

Hey am rishika and am not here not to inspire someone I just wanna share my thoughts. Am a teenager -17 year old there are lot of questions that bother me am not able to find my trueself yet but yeah am trying so here is my story there was a girl 17 year old who used to write in her diaries but only at times when she was angry sad or lonely because these were the only times when she felt the need to write . She express her cruel side in those pages and those pages never judged her they listen to all her blabbering patiently and silently she was scared to show her that side to the world and was afraid that people will judge her so these pages were only her supporters and one unfortunate day her mother found one of those pages and to her the world seem to end she was crying her mother scolded her reading those pages and the thing that girl was scared of most was in front of her she was going crazy don’t know what to do but you know time has great power and with times things settled but now that girl was not able to write her diary she was scared to death that what would happen if someone read those pages again. Those pages began to scare her and now even if she tries to write she was not able to be honest it seems those pages were threatening her words and all the feelings got piled in her heart .her feeling are in prison longing to be expressed so one day a thought came she decided to write those feeling in a letter to anonymous person and post it to anonymous address she doesn’t know it was right or wrong she don’t know if she is selfish.those questions were burdening her waiting to find anonymous ‘right’ address she is eagerly waiting to post those letters to an address and that girl is none other than me am still desperately finding that address if someone willing to give me that address.

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Am just a teenager who is struggling to know about herself and is on the way to find her true self