This is why you should never Talk to strangers.

Dedication: Yes, This story is true. This happened to me in January 22th.

One day, When my friends all had clubs, I was Lonely. Because I didn’t have any Plans. So I decided to go to a store To grab A snack.
Since it was cold outside, and I had Nothing to do i decided I should go to a park where me and my Friends always hang out.
I started with the swings.
Then, past 40 minutes. And some guy who was about 90 years old, Started talking to me.
I was scared.. He was Russian, So he talked Russian. Since I was so scared that I didn’t hear the Story he was telling me In Russian. (I’m Latvian by the way)
He started going up to me.. I was scared. I admit. I started going To my bag to grab my phone, So I could See my time when the bus will come. But didn’t had the chance to, I wanted to Tell him I gotta go, But he didn’t stop talking. Then one guy with a Small little girl got up to me, And asked me,”Is he Bothering you to Swinging?” I said no, Because he wasn’t, But I just wanted to go to my Bag, But I wanted to tell him that i don’t want to listen to him. (his Latvian, The guy with the girl)
The weird Guy Started talking back, And i was scared, Because he was moving closer to me..
As I was talking to him, I heard that guy with the little girl talking with a Girl who was about 32 years Old. Maybe older. The woman got up to me and said, “Do you know him?” I said no.., But she wasn’t mad at me,She was mad at HIM. Because she saw The weird guy talking to The small guys the other day.
She said, I will call the police if you don’t stop talking to kids.
The Lady Was going To the bus stop with me,She was with her dog, She was called Sofie, Like me. What a confidence. I was relieved.
I was okay, Thanks to her. I’m happy.

This is why you should NEVER talk to strangers.

This is why you should never Talk to Strangers. You can always tell anyone to Help you. Don't be afraid like me

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I'm sofie, And this is my story of how I was almost kidnapped., I like Listening to music, And Drawing real art, I'm 11 so obviously this story was shocking to me, Of what happened.