Always love everyone despite what they do to u

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Hi! Am a young girl and am 19years old, have been through alot at my age and it only made me strong, at times i feel I am alone and have noone to talk too. have always lived with my parent since I was born even up till now but it feel like I don’t belong to that home, I know u would have pass through something similar to what am saying right now, my parent love and in some point it feels like they don’t anymore, I always feel I needed someone to share my pain with like a close friend or someone I have 3 siblings a gal ND two boys am the first child. My story is about how I grew up and things have heard and pass through while growing up till this day, am glad I found out about this platform cus have always wanted to express myself, the only person I talk too when being sad was my inner voice. It always comforted me and belied everything would be ok soon. My mum is a nagging type she always telling and get upset mostly at me because am the eldest she always praise my younger sister to be better than me and always told me I was useless to her she said stuff to me that would break a child heart so much at times I wonder if she was really my mum but I always comfort myself ND said it was because we really had enough for ourselves I have so much dream in me I wanted to make my mum happy ND my dad too despite how, they insulted me. My dad said I was a witch just because I got him upset, my mum would tell me that I was a fool,useless child, that if not that she gave birth to me she would have thrown me out of her house, my mum would say that I don’t even behave like the child she wants, my mum always wanted me to be perfect, I dropped out of secondary school ND I couldn’t go further because my parent were struggling really hard for us, at times I she’s tears ND begged God to make all this suffering end because my mum always said she would runaway and leave us but she couldn’t bear to leave us all alone. At times I wanted to runaway from home but I can’t I always told myself it wasn’t right and I have to be brave and stand out and face all de challenges in my life. I always wanted a miracle in my life. I promised myself that I would prove my mum wrong and let her know that am not useless, my dad got angry at me for having male friends but they are the ones who understands me and so I can share some of my pain with, I can’t tell my mum my pain because she would go around telling her friends about it, so I always keep my pain to myself and believe everything will be fine. My inner voice always tell me I have the most beautiful smile and I should just keep smiling and pushing through my hard time. What am trying to say right now is that I still love my parents no matter what they raised me to be the best they put pains in me so I can face anything that comes my way, am no longer scared and I don’t hate people no matter how much someone insult me I can never hate them I may get upset but I would forgive them and let it go because I know I am the best I am who I am I don’t need anyone to tell me that am a fool or am useless, I don’t let their words define me, I love everyone who comes to me and I trust people so much but i will never condemn anyone I always believe in myself, I would always be the best child anyone would want, I love being myself no matter how much someone would hurt me deeply I can forgive them, so I want others to read my stories and always learn to be able to move forward. Don’t hate anyone for what they do or say to u, you can avoid them but that doesn’t mean u shouldn’t help them or love them

I just wish someone would also learn from my story too, and don’t hate your parents too the are the only people who loves u so much in this world.🙂🙂

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