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Throughout my childhood I was exposed to numerous bad things. Most of them came from the worst person I’ve known to this day, sadly it is one of my parents – my mother.

I was constantly shouted at, screamed at, beaten, kicked and manipulated. As some know, I go to hospital every two weeks for blood transfusions, due to anemia. This is since 2010. I got diabetes in 2015.
My mother would always manipulate the people around me so they think she is caring and a “good” parent, which she is definitely not.

I have been abused verbally and physically so many times. I found a good job in 2018, in a call centre (my first call centre). I met my love at work in January 2019 and we were together until Feb 2021.. when we broke up. (Things weren’t going as good as before, so.. we decided to become friends and see if things will work out in future.. But.. she found a new partner and yeah.. she doesn’t want anything at all now.).. This is not the important thing.

In November 2020 I moved away from my mother as I used an argument (which she started) against her. She told me to pack my things and leave “her” apartment, which I paid rent for at the time, as I didn’t “trust” her. My mother started calling my previous manager (woman) and asking her when will I get the rest of my money from my salary as I didn’t get the whole sum. The manager wasn’t in a good financial situation back then and it was really f..ed up from my mother to disturb her. And.. next morning after the call with my mother I went there with my (now ex) girlfriend and got my stuff. I lived with my girlfriend until Jan 2021. I moved under rent in that pretty good apartment and recently got a cat.
I am so afraid to let my mother know about what happened and that I no longer live with my girlfriend, as my mother is awful. She will always turn things around against me and will start shouting, making accusations.. I am afraid that she will do something bad and will force me to go back to live with her, which I don’t want AT ALL. I don’t want to live in such toxic environment. She is an alcoholic and smokes a few packs of cigarettes a day. She is an excuse of a parent. And.. there was a period (a few weeks before the time I moved out from my mother’s place) when my gf suggested that I contact the police for further assistance, but I was too afraid to do so.. My parents had a divorce since I was 5 and my father is in another city (my home city). I see him rarely, but we have strong bond and we text every day.

I went to my gf’s place a lot before (like 4-5 days a week I stayed at her apartment and 2 days at my mom’s apartment) and I felt comfortable there. Like in a safe haven. Now I am so afraid that something might happen to me if my mother finds out. If I disappear or never come to SMMO again, please be aware that something seriously bad happened. If you can, report this to someone. I can give details about my mother and all the necessary info.

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Hello, I am 24 years old. Graduated from the University of Economics Varna (Bulgaria). Got my bachelors and masters degree in tourism and international tourism business. I live on my own currently. I am afraid for my life. I need awareness for my story.