How I defeated Cancer not once but thrice !!

Dedication: To all the citizens who feel low during their hard time.

Hey ! Myself Garima yadav and I am a principal & on manager level in Oriflame by profession. So I would like to share my story of how “I positively defeated cancer not once but thrice”.

I have family, friends, husband and most importantly my daughter who stood my side during the hard time of my life.

My approach towards the illness helped me beat cancer. When the doctor broke the news to me, I remember feeling numb. My biopsy was conducted in a well reputed private hospital in Delhi (which i do not wish to name) ; but my biopsy was done by an practitioner rather than a qualified doctor and due to their fault; blood clots terribly started flowing out of my body and after looking at my condition doctors inserted a bunch of cotton and bandages inside me to stop those clots and told my family members to take me home at midnight itself. But at that time after looking at my daughter I made myself clear that I didn’t want cancer to get the better of me, although at that time doctors lost their hope on me but when you are positive from inside nothing could stop you; then I met a doctor who operated me very well in 2014. After operation and therapy i was back to my normal schedule within 3 months of my operation. There were times when I felt weak… my hairs had began falling out and I cried but then I used to tell myself I’m healthy and I’m too strong I can’t give up! In 2018 my body started showing the side effects of therapy and so i was operated due to it. I recovered from it but in 2019 again i had few symptoms of cancer; again a surgery but i never lost hope and that’s the only secret of my recovery from this disease, although “7 parts of my body were removed in total due to infections”. Except having cancer i had met with several major accidents but smiling and saying goodbye to all the problems, is an ultimate solution.

“The truth is that you can be angry and scared and happy and grateful and tired and fed up at the same time. I guess that’s the gift of cancer” but never loose hope !!

– Garima Yadav

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Garima Yadav

Myself Garima yadav, I belong to Rewari, Haryana. I am 41 years old and I will be very happy if someone gets motivated by my story and get courage to fight with obstacles in life.