Alice- My strength (from me to me)💕

Dedication: Priti Chauhan She is not related to me by blood yet she is my soul sister💕

This is a story of an Empowered Girl- “Alice”!

A baby girl with snow white like appearance born to very loving and caring parents, they named her “Alice”. They grew her up with all their love and tenderness. She was the daffodils of her parents’ life.

Unaware of the fanatical world, she stepped down to see the different colours of the world that the people were coloured with.

Alice was just 4year old, it was the occasion of Durga Puja wherein Goddess Durga is worshipped and many cultural events are organised.

She went along with her parents, and meanwhile she left her mom’s hand and ran along with her friends to watch the killing of Mahishasura by Goddess Durga, on the stage( it was the part of those cultural events).

It was a place crowded with people, her parents were at one end and she at the other.

An hour past, Alice starred here and there but she couldn’t find her Mumma and Papa. Then she decided that she would walk straight towards her home, but the unfortunate truth was that she didn’t know the house no. nor did she have anyone to escort her to her home.

It was more than a mile, without even gauging the distance, she decided to walk on her little feet, thinking she may find her parents on her way to home. Her mom and dad searched for their beloved daughter everywhere, but sadly they had lost all their hopes to get their daughter back. They registered a complaint of their missing daughter, and disappointedly walked towards the home.

As they were approaching the home they saw a fair little girl sitting on the staircase with her head down and waiting for her parents. Yes, you got it right, it was “Alice” sitting silently.

The moment they saw her, their eyes were filled with tears of contentment and joy. Her dad picked her up in his arms and promised her to never leave her hand ever in his life.

Moral- if a small girl without even knowing the meaning of motivation and empowerment, can possess the power to take a decision and walk alone on the road and reach her home using her intellect of mapping the location, then why we as grown up women stay back to decide something which will bear good results for our lives.

The story of Alice tells a lot about the innate nature of a woman, that she is born with immense power.

There is always an empowered woman hidden in each one of us. All it needs, an insight to identify that “empowered woman” at the right point of her life.

Sushmita Das is The same Alice about whom you just now read. The above mentioned incident is narrated from one of my childhood experiences.

Remembering that incident about my life, gives me more power to always stand not just for myself but also, for those women who feel disempowered, be it my friend or a foe, my support will always be with the RIGHT.

I’m an empowered woman now and so do I expect all women to be!

Photo credit: Image courtesy of the storyteller.

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