A boy did something to me

I had a stepdad and me and my mom would go to visit his family. I remember there were 2 girls and 3 older boys. We were sitting on the couch and the girls went to play and the other boys were in the other room. It was just me and this older boy lets call him David. We were watching the movie and he looked at me and complimented me outta no where. He was like in 8th grade I was 9 and he was 14. He started to tell me how beautiful I was and leaned in and kissed me. Years past and I haven’t told anyone. We went over again and at this time I was 11 and he was in high school, 16. I was sitting with the other girls. I forgot my phone in my bag so I go down stairs to get it. The same guy, David, takes my hand and pushes me into the bathroom and did things to me I didn’t want him to do. He left the room. I was crying and my mom came in, asked me what was wrong, I told her everything. She divorced my stepfather. I was glad I told her or it’ll kept happening. Don’t let something happen and keep it a secret, especially something like this.

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In 8th grade, In a relationship