Dust Yourself Off

Dedication: Margie and Antonio Harris

Growing up, I was always told that as long as I tried my best my grades didn’t have to be perfect. My parents didn’t push me to be perfect, just to strive for My best. School was always fun and I loved to learn. I did find it easy, and I didn’t have to study much.

When I graduated high school, I thought I didn’t have any problem in college. In truth, I found it much more difficult and I began to fail classes because I didn’t know how to study, since I didn’t have to before. As a result of that, combined with unknown health issues, I was sent home for a year. That hurt because it wasn’t my decision. I took that year to get my health under control and to really focus on what I wanted. I had to go to summer school and attend more office hours, but I learned that I had to be proud of myself and that the degree I earned was for me. I graduated, and I was even the VP of an English Honor Society. I learned that year was just a fall so I could look up to where I wanted to go.

Story shared by...

Kalana Harris

Kalana loves to show people, especially girls, that they can do anything they put their minds to. When she "grows up" she wants to help others.