You’re not alone

Dedication: I would like to dedicate this story to my friends that helped me.

Hi! I am a 16-year-old who had depression at the early age of ten. I had a lot of suicide attempts, that lasted until I was in eight-grade. I was ignored, bad-mouthed by my classmates for years. My family wasn’t as understanding as other families, they were part of the problem that I had. Around 13 years old, A fight broke out between mom and I, and I confessed that I was sick of my life and wanted to die. I wanted her to talk me out of it, to tell me that dying is not worth it. Unfortunately, she went to the kitchen and grabbed the knife and told me to hurry up and kill my self. My sister couldn’t care less and only looked away. I ran away from home, feeling helpless. My father went to get me from our neighbor (which house I hid in) He was the only one who showed that he cared for me yet I couldn’t talk to him about my problems since I knew that he had a lot of burdens that he was carrying already. He bought me a phone, and that’s when I was introduced to virtual friends. I joined a group and met lots of kind people. Having someone understand, was a whole new experience for me. They became my friends, and they were there when I was feeling so down to the point that I would hear voices telling me to kill my self. They talked me out of it, brought me out of the ocean that were drowning me. Through that experience, I can gladly tell you that waiting is worth it. You might not have been even waiting, a hand would just reach out for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, You’re not alone. You can feel that there’s no one who will ever understand, but trust me, You just haven’t met the right person/group.