It was not my fault

Dedication: to every women and girls in the world

Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains references to rape.

On the 21 of July 2021 a scene happened,I was raped,by a guy I know.It was not my fault.But I was the one who must pay for other peoples’ mistake.I opened a case,case 331.I still believe that I might not get help,the very same way,I once open a case of rape but lucky me I never got help.Things that happened in my life are too deep,I really want the world to here me out,If I’m wrong tell me,I was raped,people think that I wanted to sleep with that guy,just because they wanted me to fight,yaaaa if I was alone,with no child in that situation,I was gonna fight back.But I was the one who was in a situation.OK let’s say I also run away,what will happen to my daughter,That time for me was complicated.I think people wanted me dead,or with no tooth,maybe with no eye,then they will believe I was raped.First of all this guy was not at my place for me.secondly This guy poured my whole tin house with paraffin,It was around 8 or 9 night time…Remember I was trying to sleep when everything happen.Now the presecutor does’nt understand my case.I’m asking myself if I’ll get help,I have the evidence,The police have seen that my tin house was poured with paraffin,The police seen the guest house,and the guest house keeper saw me when we come in and when we go out,there is also a medical report,You know the funny part is,The car was stuck in the morning with petrol,then we took taxi home.When I get home my boyfriend was back I told him everything,then we went back to the guest house,My boyfriend removed some things in that guy car to buy some time.Then we went to police station,My boyfriend tried to tell police about somethings he removed in his car so he can buy sometime,But the police took their time,And when we get to the guest house that guy was not there and his car was not there.OK everyone expected me that I was suppose to shout and make a scene maybe I was gonna get help.But that is not the way I see it.If truly speaking I was gonna get help the guest house keeper was not gonna let him go so fast.When this guy come to my place he was looking for my boyfriend,Then my boyfriend woke up and start his car and follow him,leaving my gate open.Then that guy came back with paraffin,I was suppose to woke up too.Remember there was a 12 yrs old girl in this situation my daughter.She has to see all this happening.I had to make sure she is protected in all this.This guy raped me using his mind,I had to use his way to find justice to what he did to me.I know everytime when a person is raped,people turn to assume things.I was rapped before,I know that I can’t allow any man feel like he can have a way over me.I want to change the way people look at a raped person,Atleast justice will be made.I just hope it do.

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I am a 32 year old lady,from south Africa.I live with my daughter and my boyfriend.