You In Me

Dedication: To whom I really love

Once upon a time
I met her
I fell in love
You reject
I was broken.

To me, I feel as if you are the only world I wanted to live in for the rest of my life and all those dreams got shattered when I knew that you are already a beautiful world for somebody else. Yet I didn’t quit, because my heart still wants you at that time.

I had never known that you are a rose for everyone’s eyes. If I had known that I wouldn’t have fallen for you. When I saw you with other boys I feel jealous, I feel distracted yet I didn’t have any other option than shit within.

I was completely broken. I don’t have any hope now. But my heart still wants you. I thought it was just a short period of attachment I had with you and I was hoping that everything will be forgotten once we were fully departed.

But things got terrible. When I try to forget you it remains me more of you. I know you will be never mine. Forget about accepting me in a reality I had seen you rejecting me in a dream.

I know how rude I was to you. I know you had even wasted precious tears for my worst behavior. Forgive me. That wasn’t my intention. You are the only happiness I found within me a long time back it will be forever the happiest memory for the rest of my life and I was the villain for your happiness. I am SORRY!

I am moving away and it doesn’t mean that I don’t want you anymore but It means that I lost my hope within. Take care and happy life ahead.

You will be always missed!

Photo credit: Image provided by the storyteller.

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Jigme Lhendup

I was rejected by someone who I really wish was mine.