You are enough.

Dedication: To all the women.

Stand up for yourself

Learn to love yourself enough to recognise that no one can cherish you better. In the past couple of days, I have engaged in some insightful conversations with my friends on how we do so much for people who don’t deserve.

I sincerely want to speak on behalf of:
• Women who downright feel they don’t have a voice.
• Women who have been looked down upon for speaking their noble heart out.
• Women who have been considered difficult for refusing to lower their standards
• Women who have silently been abused either emotionally or physically and blamed for being the abusers.

I believe we all have the freedom to express ourselves, don’t ever apologise for speaking your mind. With time, it’s important to understand you should not change who you are, to make others feel good about themselves. I encourage you to keep standing up for yourself, and never tolerate someone who crosses certain boundaries in your life.

Don’t settle.
Having the right circle of friends, God, and good environment leaves no room for you to settle for bread crumbs. I admire sensible people who hold me to account for my decisions. I have always been inspired by bold women who step up into certain spaces, that seem impossible to penetrate.

Furthermore, some women have been victims of accepting mistakes, even when they are not wrong just to avoid constant arguments with others. Although some women have been financially, emotionally and physically drained which makes things worse for them. I am over here to nudge you, don’t be bitter and please don’t give up.

Certain people come into your life for a season and to serve as a lesson. This is a wake-up call to you, never settle for less, stop tolerating certain kind of people in your life, cut them off and move on with your life.

Bitter pills may have blessed effects.
As queer as it may sound, some situations are a blessing in disguise. Did you know in certain situations, God reveals the kind of people that have caged in your life? I have seen and heard scenarios whereby, masks fall off and you see demons unravel in the broad daylight.

As ugly as it may sound, God doesn’t allow his people to keep suffering and yet he can comfortably eliminate some people from your life. Think of situations where you have been frustrated insulted and mistreated. Am sure you blamed yourself, thinking you are the issue only to realise that God was protecting you from situations that would have ruined your reputation.

Focus on your goals and stay put for the reward is greater. Be willing to take up risks and hope for the best. Certain situations drive you to make better decisions and fuel your ambition to greatness. To eliminate distractions, do what makes you happy. Always remember, at this time when you are going through rough patches, this is when ideas crop in and offer you solutions that would change the world.

In the end, what matters is you and you are more than enough for yourself go for it!

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Caroline Mochoge

Caroline Mochoge is a charismatic and hardworking woman, who has a background in Communication Studies with skilled expertise in; Development Communication, Branding, Writing, Editing, Content Creation and Photography. She is also a Communications Consultant at Holby Training Solutions. She received a Diploma in Communication in 2014, then acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Development Communication from St. Pauls University in Kenya in 2016.   Since her career began in 2014 as a photographer, she has proven that determination and continued focus bears fruit. Her professional interests focus on different development work with her discovered love for writing and social media. Her first ever researched book to be published was in December 2017 named portrayal of different genders & its influence on consumer behaviour. She is currently writing two books and has worked for different international organizations in the communications front.   She is a mentor to upcoming women in the creative industry and was commended for her photography skills in 2018 for under 25 competition. Despite the challenges she has undergone, she keeps working to achieve her career goals, with her desire to positively influence and change the world. Caroline is about to be among the topmost influential women in Africa.