Wistful grace

I breath but can’t remain living I sleep but can’t remain dreaming
There’s no peace just silence
There’s no war just tears
I feel crushed my chest feels disloacated I dropped hard
Hard enough to fall hard enough to open my eyes
I cant think my head hurts I cant change just hope
I want to die but im trapped
There’s no point just a wistful smile and a girl
Who’s really there?
Nothing but a reflection nothing but truthful lies
I cry dreaming but hold back my tears for others
It’s hard and there’s nothing just darkness
Light is out of reach I try reaching but it moves
Farther and farther
My tears run dry
I fall to the floor grabbing my chest
Not knowing what to do anymore
I dont need anyone but yet Im sad
They ask if I’m okay I said i never cried
They ask so many questions i feel dizzy
They yell so carelessly i feel unwanted
I want to curl up in a ball and cry
Until there’s a ocean
Until i evaporate and disappear i dont want to live
But i’ll hold my tears for everyone I’ll hold my tongue for life

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wistful grace

I love writing and helping people with their struggles.