Unlucky one

Well my entire life i have been scared to get a boyfriend so I never did until I was almost 19.I was always so scared that my family will find out because I come from a small country and the mindset is different.I was also so scared that if I fall in love the person will loose his feelings or there will be a distance to separate us,however I fall in love and couldn’t ask for a better relationship.After 9 months my family decided to move to another country which is 8.5 thousand km away.They knew nothing bout my bf so all I could do was going there and say nothing.We went there and we were still connecting online with each other and everything seemed good,for sure there is no word to express the pain that I was away from my very first and true love.After some months my older brother found out that I was talking to him and I begged him to not tell my parents so he didn’t untill my dad was buying me a plane ticket to come back for some exams he told everything and started saying that he is not a good boy just because his friend wasn’t.So my family kept telling me not to be in a relationship anymore but there was no chance to make me brake up with him i love him more then myself so all my family could do was to not buy me that plane ticket.So after I told my bf that they know about us he was the most amazing person trying yo calm me down.So after 6 months our talk changed a little bit idk what it was but it was only him changing he was talking to me rarely but I still kept believing and didn’t stop talking to him.After 7 months my family decided to come back home to live so this was my light.When i came back he was a good person still but not the same who was crazy about me,idk what was going on I think it was the distance that made him loose feelings and I feel so bad about this.Now he’s talking to me more often but still he is not the person that was before.I can never break up with him i love him so much that i waited the whole 7 months when I was there,crying in my bed every morning and night and letting noone know not even him just to meet again.Now that we met again and he is not feeling the same idk what can I do to win him again the same way I did before and he’s not talking to another girl cause I have checked everything.I told him that he changed and he thinks that’s not true but I can feel the way I was loved before and now.