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My name is DosumuFlexxy, I survived TB. It was really a time and period of pain but indeed I survived it. My story is to inspire a heart that gives up quickly. There is nothing impossible to achieve as far as you work and pray towards it. Our society today is not ready to take responsibility for anyone’s pain, if one is not ready to change, how are you expected to make a difference. The environment I found myself pictures a climate change of a struggling economy affecting every sector of growth and development, but really that has not gave me the chance or reason to give up on myself and my dreams, rather I believed I can achieve it irrespective of any circumstances when I work towards it.

The period I survived TB, I needed all the strength I could gather to continue my journey, I did everything possible to encourage someone in such a pain that they can get through it all just like I did. I changed my orientation and mindset into believing that stigmatization of such illness could cost me that job and future.

I developed myself into becoming a motivational speaker, my great talent as an artist, a teacher to inspire people especially children, that even with the job that is not readily available, you can pick yourself up by actualising your dream. There is no situation you ever find yourself that is not a lesson or experience for others to learn from. Every challenging period is a period to discover your strength to wake and motivate somebody.

I am very proud to stand up tall to be a part of the positive difference we can help to change the world and never to destroy it. Women are helpers so they must ensure to be a strength to the weak world. Women must not limit themselves to settle for the only for the crumbs but higher to reach for the stars to become an inspiration and a light that gives strength to the world. Discover your strength.

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A mother, a friend, a motivational speaker, an artist, and a teacher to the young generation. Be inspired