Dedication: Anyone who has been having a bad life and needs help,mostly to women saying that be careful of the men you choose

Hi my name is L,I have an ordinary live with good friends,good parents,and good grandparents.But not everything good lasts forever.It was one night i heard my parents arguing,I couldn’t sleep at all.It happened every single night,well at least I had my friends to talk to.When we were talking one day,they started to not talk to me,they were avoiding me.I was still in the fourth grade and I wanted to be popular next year,but I guess I wasn’t going to happen.A few weeks later,I heard other kids In the hallway talking about me,they said that my parents are really annoying and were always arguing.The next day I came home seeing them not talking to each other,I thought they finally stoped arguing.That wasn’t what was happening when my dad said “I’ll be going to Washington to work,i’ll be back.”Years passed,and he never came back,I activated my Xbox and went onto his profile to chat but he wasn’t there at all.Soon I realized,he left me forever,he deleted me on Xbox and stayed anonymous.I cry every morning and night.I am now 11,my mom broke up with her boyfriends that I hoped would be my dad.Me and my mom started to argue more by the day,I started causing a lot at school.One night me and my mom got into a big fight,we were never this mad in forever.I made her cry which made me sad,I found out that my dad gave me that horrible trait.

And that is my story,things are getting a little better and I hope I get a better dad.

My way off life’s cliff

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I am an only child,very low friends,,like to draw,like to paint,life is very difficult