The Healing Power of God

My name is Jackie I wanted to share my story about the healing power of God in my life my mother took a drug called thliomiad that was brought over to the United states and Canada in the 50’s and 60’s giving to pregnant women for morning sickness this drug caused babies to be born without arms legs fingers and toes or any limbs at all well when I was born my feet was turned backwards my parents took me to doctors that said I would never walk or live to adulthood I have had 24 operations on my feet and legs I spent a large part of my life in the hospital that was my home I went from a scooter crutches and braces Walker wheelchair I missed out on alot of school because of all of the operations but God alway made a way for me to get the schooling that I needed well by the Grace of God I graduated from school I can walk without scooter braces crutches walker and wheelchair I can’t bend my legs and the medicine did stunt my growth but I can do anything that anyone else can do and go anywhere I want by the healing power of God for this my story and I will tell it everywhere I go God gets the Glory in my life and I will allow him to use me for his glory for such time as this to be a blessing to his people

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Jacqueline williams

I am a prayer warrior and a massager of God I am a Christian who love God I love to help people I love to travel and enjoy life