My perfection is seen by the world but remains invisible to me. I have always potrayed myself accordingly in the eyes of everyone. Little did they know the suffering that I go through. The teenager who was not interested in love affairs or having a boyfriend is a porn addict. I was just a child when I first set my eyes on porn, it happened by mistake when my uncle allowed me to use his computer. Things have never been any easier eversince then. It has turned into a habbit that brings me shame. I try quitting but I continue failing. This is the heavy burden that I carry in my secret life. It is never easy to admit a porn addiction especially when you are a girl. I hope for brighter days as my battle to freedom continues. Its been six years of trying but I still return to the old habbit. My secret was too heavy for me but now I am grateful that I shared my story. To anyone experiences the same, just know that even though you face the battle, you are not fighting this war alone.