Unkown ways we walk

Hy I’m golu yadav from india 🇮🇳 I’m 24 the reasons of sharing my story there is I wanna help those peoples who could be like me and the situations could be like mine I don’t know where to start but I like to share current situation which I was facing.currently I’m broken cause some times when we thought about our future we try to do something big and there we got stuck.I tried to start business but not being successful cause of shortages of money I belong to middle class family where people adjust themselves in this tinny world we dream big when we see our rich friends and other peoples who living without any financial problems some peoples got prepared good life cause they have family business or property’s but middle class peoples have to make there own journey the reach there level but this journey is not be easy cause your not only have financial issue there is lots of thing which will be become the part of your journey like family issue,mental issues,relationships there lot of thing which will come and become a past but the thing is could you survive?.I like to give you an example when you try to stand on your feet without anyone’s help (trying to make future) you start working in companies or you do your own business. 1 companies never pay us the money where we are satisfied but we adjust ourselves because there is no option cause we have some family pressure or we have some other reasons

2 businesses when we try to do any kind of business our biggest issue is money and we just thought if it’s goes well they we will pay off but we never thought about if it’s not go well. When you took some money from anybody on monthly basis interest and business not goes well you came in loss then you have not a Singhal penny of money we goes on depression and is started killing us from in side lots our smile ourself we live thought about what’s going on this world we try to search a way to getting out of it….. I don’t think what’s I writes is understandable or not but it’s not the full story there will we a part 2 cause it’s time to sleep 😴

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Golu yadav

Loner and survivor