dark to happy phase of my life

Dedication: i would like to dedicate this story to the women who fought for girls.


iam here to share my life story with you. . i am happy until my 4th standard but after then my life became like a dark sky without moon. when iam in 5th standard i went to a temple with my friend,after completing our darshan we came out of the temple and went to park which is near to the temple. after playing fo sometime in the park we decided and ready to go back to home.while we are going back to home watchmans called us near him. they were 40 and 50+years men. we went to them and they talked to us in a nice way for sometime.after few minutes 50+age guy started to behave in inappropiate way.he touched me in a wrong way i understood it as a bad touch.so,i tried to escape from him.but, he held me tightly and taken me to a room which was present in iskon temple.there he harrassed me very much.he touched my private parts,he talked to me in inappropriate manner. after some time i made a way and escaped from there and went to my home. i felt helpless.i got very scared to tell about my experience to my parents,so,i didnt tell it with anyone.from then i got scared to be alone. i felt uncomfortable with men around me. i have 2 brothers.i even got scared to be with them. i also got many sexual assaults from people around me. i lived in a trauma for 4 years. one day while i was going to market i found a little girl whose age would be 8 years who was crying without getting noticed my anyone.i went to her and asked her why she was crying.at,first she didnt tell anything.but i talked to her very kindly.then she told me that she was getting harrassment from a guy near to her house. she told me that she was scared to tell about it to her parents. All of sudden my past flashed in front of my eyes and tears started to fell from my eyes. i got really angry on that guy who harrassed her.so,i asked about that guy and went to him. he is nearly 20 years guy who’s working for a daily labour. i went to him and beat him.i warned him not to go around the girl again. while i was warning him the little girl is behind me,she felt really happy for what i did. even,the little girl gained confidence and shouted at him. then, he said sorry and left that place.later i took that little girl into my hands and told her to be strong and brave.he kised m cheek and told me thank you with the tear filled eyes. i felt happy to help her. i dropped her in her home.i went to my home and sat on bed which was facing to the mirror.i saw myself in a mirror i felt happy and proud on myself for helping the child to get rid of harrassement . i saved her from trauma which i was like iam facing from past few years. from then i decided to be strong,brave around the people. if anyone are likely to cross the limits i was warning them seriously. i started to love myself.i surrounded around the people who makes me feel comfortable. i am giving awareness classes to the school children about sexual harrasments. i feel proud when girls are strong enough to carry their hard situations with a smile o their lips.

TO ALL THE GIRLS I JUST WANNA TELL ONE THING:- be happy,be brave,be confident,love yourself,stay strong even in hard times.women are not less than men in anything.