Trust The Process- A Short Story

Last year in September, I experienced a very hard trial with anxiety and depression. Honestly, that had been my story for a very long time but I never acknowledged it because I always masked it with substances and people. I decided that I would no longer live under the control of addiction and I completely gave my life to Christ and since then I’ve experienced such amazing, super natural and even hard things in life. I say hard because I no longer operate in self satisfying ways but rather chose to love people before me.

This decision has opened up such great things for me. I learned who I really was and stopped who I was pretending to be. In December my art ministry was birthed. I knew God called me to address mental health in a peculiar way but I didn’t know what it would look like.

I am an artist. I paint abstract artwork during worship. I also lead people to a place where they can express their inner artist and I support them in a journey of just letting go and allowing their true self to come out on a canvas

I want to encourage you to trust that everything you do and go through works together for your good. Always surround yourself with positive, and whole people. You know them by their attitude, their willingness to give and the fruit of their life (meaning the good tangible things in their life that’s been produced by their character). Trust that you are worthy, you’re loved and you have purpose!

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Dioveris Lopez