The years go by too fast- To My Girl

Dedication: Yes

PS. I have changed the names for purposes
Hope U enjoy, I understand if you are confused, because I was at first too!

It all started in the year, 2023. It had been 5 years since we last saw eachother. I came to your house, and as soon as I saw you, it was like my world stopped.

You with your beautiful smile, and dark brown hair. Your eyes, which I get lost in every time I stare, and your face which lightens me up on a gloomy day.

I started feeling for you after 2 weeks. These feelings confused me a bit at first, but then I suddenly realised, I had fell for you.

Day after day after day, I would often dream about you, during day and night. Since I did this so much, I created my own universe in my head, dedicated to you.

This universe was full of passion, and your actions towards me. You would often cheer me up with a funny video or a even a lovely message. All of this was put in the Universe.

It was like a place my mind could escape to, which sounds a lot like an introvert thing, because I am one.

The Universe was perfectly pictured, down to every last detail in each and every one of our memories.

During Christmastime, I would ask my family if I could travel to see you, but it was never the perfect time.

Everytime we call or text online, I can barely breath. I get overexcited, and it’s like, when I am with you, anything is possible.

Like I could say something really stupid, or impossible, and still get this feeling like I could do it.