The decision was mine

I have planned a journey of 180 km on bike.My mood was really good i left around 1pm to get a heads up on my journey, Which was hardly a 4 hrs journey.Everthing was going smooth.After 30 km things start changing.Now it was raining heavily later on bike start having some issue,So I decided to get it checked for a safer side.It took around 2 hrs to get it repaired.Then I continued my journey after 15 km my bike again having problem.Waited for 30 min to get it repaired.Finally the bike was not a problem anymore.I was relieved for a while but soon it start turning into a disaster as my raincoat zip was broken.Now i am riding in heavy rain with bare min protection.I took multiple stop.I was completely de motivated and it got dark as well.Due to heavy rainfall visibility was very low and lot of traffic along with flooded roads, drowned cars etc.My whole body was paining and the hands were white wrinkled.I was ironically drowning in my own clothes.Forntunatley road navigation was little easy,But apart from that i had to cross flooded roads people are panicking and trying to get out as soon as possible on highway.Worst journey was my life but at some point i was still enjoying it.Don’t know why?

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Akif khokhar