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Hi ,
This is Jiya.
You must have not heard about me.
I am short and cute girl who loves to be with my family and friends .
So here’s my story :

Born to a simple Gujarati family in Chaibasa , I have been very close to them . I enjoyed school and have been an excellent student there .

It had started back then I remember one day my mom called me in front of my dad and told him to influence me to start exercising mostly the neck ones and the back ones.
Then once they had taken me to a Kolkata hospital where I had been shown to doctors , done X-rays and everything . My brother would always be with me all the time .My mama who is a doctor had also accompanied us there.

Then once we also went to Ulatpur where exercising was taught to me . My bua was also there for her medical purposes.

So, now you know there is some problem with me . Yes , it is a spinal cord problem named Scoliosis in which a person has a curved back and there can be any angle of curvedness , some have high angled curves while some have mild curves , Well ,I think I have a mild curve.

After this , the last time I remember we went to a doctor was when I had been to Tirupati almost 7 years back . That time I remember doctor told there is nothing neurological but surgical and what is means is that I do not have any problem in doing anything and I have a normal life , It only requires a surgery that could put bones in place. But this procedure was dangerous so my family decided not to undergo any treatment. So , I am completely normal today .

My educational life has been good . I have studied in one of the topmost colleges of India i.e, BIT Mesra . I got placed in one of the big fours i.e, PwC India. This was the third company for which I sat for and I got selected . I am currently working for PwC India and am happy to be at this place .

Let me tell you something about my family :

My family is a happy-go-lucky family . We crack jokes together ,me and my brother get along together very well . Today , my brother listens to everything that I say him .He is the best.

When I was small , I used to follow my brother passionately . He used to do all my project works. We used to play together, eat together . My relatives were very fond of us saying they hadn’t seen siblings so close to each other like us. My mom is a the best house wife and the best mother in the world. What we both are today is because of her .She has taught us everything in life and made us who we are today .And she cooks really good food . I love her a lot . Unlike both of us , she is very active and social too , does kitty parties and attends all kinds of social gatherings of Gujarati Samaj . In fact she is one of the executive member of All India Gujarati Mahila Mandal. We are so proud of her . My friends tell me I should learn this from my mom and that she is real cool . What should I say about my Dad? He is everything because of whom I am here today earning so much in my early career . My dad never told no to anything what my family asked for . He never backed up from any responsibility or brought any financial problems that could take us away from our education/career . He has invested superb on us and today , he has his results . I know my Btech fees was too much and I was worried about all the home money being swept away on my Degree.But he assured me that after I graduate, I would be able to see the same money in my dad’s hand as it was in the beginning.And that is true also. My parents are our backbone . They have done everything for me so that I could live a better life . Sometimes , I think my brother got neglected in doing everything for me. I wish today that when i have a lump sum of money , I will transfer it to his account to give him a wonderful future .

Sometimes , times have been difficult for me also because of this physical issue , you know , people have a habit of normalcy and when they see a physically defected person , they can’t accept it . I don’t know whether this has been the situation with me also , but I am sure that i have been through extreme lows in my mind due to this . I have cried so much in nights thinking my life isn’t worth living . I don’t talk to people with this apprehension that they won’t like to talk to an abnormal person . I have experienced loneliness for the 1st semester of the year , well this is also true that I got GPA above 8 in this semester , In 2nd semester , I made my friends and my GPA never came above 8 . But my friends were so good, They have always been with me through times good and bad . They never judged me for anything and have accepted me the way I am . I am grateful for having these friends in my life . my school friends are awesome . Being in other cities , we never lost contact with each other and this is a good thing about school friends . Distance does not take us apart . School Friends are incomparable.

One more significant person in my life is a boy whose name I won’t take here .We were very close/best friends in Kindergarten . Then I left that school and joined another . We lost contact and everything moved on .Thereafter , he joined my school in Std V and we were classmates again . But we never talked to each other till Std X. From Std VII , batchmates started teasing him with my name . I never felt bad about it , in fact i enjoyed this after some time . I had heard that I was special to him . He had sent a big Dairy Milk for me on this birthday through an agent . Then after Xth , he sent me friend request on facebook . And we started a little talk on that . Now ,it is been 7yrs since we parted our ways to our careers, yet we both are in contact . Now, I know i ma special to him and to a great extent also since his feelings for me never got lost since childhood . I may not know exactly who I am for him but he now holds a very special place in my heart .Infact I met him on 5th Jan 2020 and he was too good to me .I could feel that. I am just afraid if we will be together , my physical abnormality can ruin his perfect life . For now, I don’t know what’s going to happen to us .

This is all about my significant life now . At least now, I can make out what’s important in my life. And I think my life has been awesome all this time .
I won’t let my negative thoughts ruin my life . I am grateful for everything now.

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