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Dedication: Anyone

Life started for me in the year 2000 when I lost my Dad. Then it dawned on me that i need to be a man of my own. So, I decided to start taking some little jobs here and there just to be able to take care of my single mum and siblings. So the first job i ever picked up was working at a block making industry (molding and carrying blocks) for people who needed them to build. Then I also was working with a man who had a van that he uses to carry planks from a sawmill and deliver to his customers. I was always helping him load and offload planks. At this point, I could not go to school anymore before mum could not afford to send me to school, so, I had to stay home, work and help out with the family. Then at a point, I started working at a beer store and so worked at a market where I helped people coming back from the market carry loads just to feed and take care of my mum and siblings. At a young age I was practically a father and husband all because I couldn’t stand my family suffer or hungry. Growing up wasn’t easy. Nothing was straight but i was determined to be successful come what may by the grace of God. He is indeed the father of the fatherless because he has been a Father to me. At a point, I had to relocate to my mum’s hometown which I did but returned back to where I was initially after 6 months. While I was home and could not go to school, I self-developed myself by frequently going to the Cyber Cafe just to browse the internet, read articles and get familiarized with the computer. Luckily for me, I got a job interview with a telecommunication company which I went for reluctantly because I did not have the necessary qualification and if I can remember we were about 9 who were gonna be interviewed too and they all had the qualifications. Well, the interview was conducted and I got the job because I had experiences. I worked there for two years, made a mistake that cost me my job and I was asked to resign. It was a hard time for me and i resigned. I got home that day and attempted committing suicide. I drank poison but lucky for me, my friends came around and saw me rolling on the ground and they quickly rushed me to the hospital. I would have been dead now.
So, I continued life until last year that I finally had a breakthrough. I heard about another job interview that I was not qualified for again, applied for it still and went for it. This time, this was worse than the first one because the other guys there had masters, PhDs, and BSc which I did not have. I was not even close to having it but again I got the job based on experiences again.

What am I trying to say, success starts in our lives the moment we see our selves to be a success. I determined I was gonna be great and that determination has been keeping me going.

I am here to tell someone that no matter what it is you go are going through at the moment, it is just for now because it can only get better.

I have decided I will be an encouragement. God has been with me all the way and never left me. I am a testimony.Never give up on yourself nor your dream cos anything is possible only if you believe in yourself and the things you’ve got in the inside of you. Life will throw things at you, friends will turn their backs, you will be hated but never lose focus of your focus because life is more than what we think of it. Life is amazing.
Someone once told me ‘the world will not give you what you deserve, the world will only give you what you demand. You’ve got to place a demand in order to get that which you want. When I think about all I have been through and where I am now, all I just say is thank you, Lord. The journey has been tough but God was always faithful. God is faithful! I am not there yet but I’ll surly get there. If you think it’s all over for you and you have lost all hope, I tell you that if you believe in yourself and you are determined to be successful, you will be. Its never over except you say to yourself that it is. #iinspire #ihaveastory.
I am Ikegwuonu Kelvin


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