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Dedication: To my Beloved friend Kunal.

My name is Levin Tilak, i have graduated in B.COM from Delhi university. I want to share my passion, dream it is something which i actually want to do/become in my life but my family was totally against it. Actually this is secound time i am sharing this with somebody because i am an introvert kind of a person and belongs to a good but somewhere a strict family. The first time i shared with my father that i want to become a dancer in my life but he was totally against it, as he thought that i was infatuated with this and he wanted that me to seek MBA from any prestigious college of India. Yet i didn’t bowed down in front of him and decided to chase my passion and i enrolled for dance class which i accidentally stumbled upon. There i assimilated for more than a year or so and my instructor Shashank, who upskilled me and cheered me up for the future. Actually he is a trained dancer and he is in this game for very long. He had even worked with Remo’d souza as a assistant choreographer and just because of his boon, i got first prize in 12 competitions and working with itaspa Mumbai. All i did in my life till now was just followed my passion diligently with full dedication and hard work and didn’t even thinking about the outcome. So,this is my short and crisp story. Today all i can say is-
“All the hardwork, all the sacrifices, all the sleepless nights , struggles, downfalls, it all pays off. We just have to be a bit patient and have to work diligently.”
Please get back to me and i will feel grateful if you will share your passion and vision with me. You can ping me on my email.

Yours Truly
Levin Tilak

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I have shared my whole life experience in my above story.It is a very short and crispy story. Have fun and don't forget to ping me back on my e-mail guys.