The spectrum of empowerment!!!

“A woman is the full Circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”.
– Diane Mariechild

A women’s role can be appropriately described as ‘multi-dimensional’. A women has to be a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a professional at the same time. Women are the real architect of the Society.

The journey of a woman is never soothing. Her day begins with the first ray of sun. She is like a salt, whose presence can’t be felt but absence makes things tasteless. She can be a marvelous homemaker as we’ll as strong professional working woman.

As International women’s day is buzzing around the corner. It’s time to cherish some extravagant personalities. These women have a fierce and robust spirit, which makes them excel in their respective areas.

Ms. Manju Lata, vice principal of GSKV, Kanjhawala, Delhi is such an enthusiastic educational leader. She is a perfect example of simple living & high thinking. To create awareness among students of her school, she organized self defense session. Students performed enthusiastically. A spectacular spirit is exhibited during the event. Her staff members coordinated well with her specifically Ms. Sushila Phogat , Ms. Sangeeta Khatri, Ms. Vidya, Ms. Navin , Ms. Malwati.Her school team is taking initiative for empowering their little stars. She firmly believe in the holistic development of students.

Let’s #breakthebias & introduce the new definition . Inshort, all I can say is –

“Women are warriors fighting without swords and conquering through love.”

Let go of your fears, break the chains
Let’s nothing dare stand in your way
For what you crave, fight like a knight
Time has no mercy, like a blade
Make it happen, light up the night
Future’s not given, it is made.
Greatest successes are man made
Who makes the rules, will mark her name
Stand in the spotlight not the shade
Burn for your passion, own the game.

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Divya Dabas

Well, I’m Divya Dabas. By profession I’m a literati educationalist. Currently working as an English educator at a government school in Delhi. Socially I’m connected with Principal Welfare Association, India .