I’m losing my friend, it’s not like I’m losing all of my friends, but everyone has already moved on, I used to be a good listener to them, like a people pleaser. I know hahaha, but it’s sucks. I lost interest in them, I don’t talk to them regularly anymore, it feels like I don’t have a topic to talk to, it’s the time when you graduated people gone one by one, I left alone. I have a friend to talk to daily, but we are not having the same vision anymore like when you want to talk to her you feel intimidated by her. She is one of my close friends from university, we are still fighting with our college stuff, but yeah we don’t talk anymore, we talk but not with our heart just like we used to be. kayak udah ga seru gitu deh, dulu masih suka seru banget skrg lebih kayak udh ga satu visi yang kayak dulu, trs yaudah aku juga ngerasa kayak insecure sama dia, dia tuh kayak coba ngajak terus ketemuan tapi aku ga sreg yang ketemu cuma untuk foto-foto misal, yang ketemu cuma untuk yaa basa basi, aku ga sreg pergi pergi utk ngabisin uang trs:( but I miss them.