The race that I belong humanbeing

Dedication: To all humanbeing

Hi, I’m a young guy at the age of 27. I would like to share my story to the race that I belong (HUMANS). Aiming to take my part as a member of this wonderful creatures (Humans). Dear readers I’m a young guy who took his lifetime in a place and environment. Which was hard, tough and look impossible to make progress because of society mindset. But all of the hard moments that i passed just made me better and proved me to stick with my principles. I choosed always the high principles. Being Proud and grateful to be a member of this wonderful creature called human. No matter where u r what u passing through be stay positive. believe in ur self. And never give up. Everything is depend on the that u look at it. One small funny lesson just see the ant very small but it never stop till it reach. Where she need no matter how hard the obstacles. How about u who have a lot of resources and strength than her. Everything around u teaches a lesson. Telling u why u r different. So everything depend on where u look at it.

Though I know that may English is not very good. I believe it will not become an obstacle to convey my message to all of u. The spirit of my text will reach u cause thats why we are different from the other living things.