One and Only Friend

Dedication: Alison

I always had trouble keeping friendships with people. Not sure if it is because I tend to be more selfish than most, or forget to take my meds, who knows. But I do remember meeting this one girl. She was a lot of fun to hangout with; but she was in a gang. She asked me not to tell anyone. She would often call and ask me to hangout, but whenever I did, there were sketchy people hanging out with her. I know they didn’t like me because I was the “good” girl. They would also make jokes behind my back about my weight. I usually tried to visit when there was no one intimidating around. I remember finding out that she had been doing drugs, and she was in rehab. Her mother told me it wasn’t safe to be around her, but I understood. I went throughout and finished school without her. To this day, she is still getting help. Even though she has been in and out of places, she is one of the only people I will ever really resonate with. This story is dedicated to both her, and myself of course!