The perfect size

Everybody has different Opinions on life and face different problems. Each individual feels his/her problem is the biggest. Same way today i will take through my life and problems i am facing. Your judged by people everywhere and your judged by the way get ready, your weight, your friends etc. And in my case my weight was the biggest problem for me and people around me. My weight does not let me wear clothes i want because people judge you. My weight does not let me dance because i am huge and the stage might break(they say it), my weight does not allow me to wear short dresses as my big fat thighs are seen. and at this point of time i started to ask myself am i not allowed to live my life the way i want just because i am fat? I was fat from a very young age back then people had no problem but 2 years back we came to know that i had PCOD. and then they started, everyone i knew and everyone i did not know started to give me tips and tricks to lose weight. my parents said no junk only fruits and i was surrounded by rules, diet, tips,excercise. Having PCOD i had a surgery to remove the cyst from my body. after 1 month of rest my weight lose journey started and i also with full determination did do it and lost 8kgs in 2 months but my thoughts had stopped me it was asking me only if your thin will you be given respect and not be judged and called names by people. so i stopped all of it. and gained all that 8kgs back(it was a mistake) but i realized it now but why did i stop was because i wanted to know only do looks have more importance than your heart But by me stopping my diet and excercise i had to face other body problems but that’s just because i had PCOD but what about those who don’t have. Because of being fat i am even scared to make new friends because i have a feeling they will somewhere somehow point out my weakness. but i think i am stronger than before actually those names, tips and restrictions gave me anger at first and made me cry a lot i mean a lot but also made me stronger and made me realize that i have to change and can only if i want to and now i have the belief and strength to do it and i not doing it because they commented or called me names but because i want to be healthy. after all i have gone through so much that i came to a point where i want to change and can change and life has thought me one more thing DON’T CARE ABOUT THOSE WHO JUDGE YOU BY YOUR CLOTHES, WEIGHT, COLOUR. Love your self. You are beautiful just the way you are, change only if you want but not for those who are just arrive into life to see you cry.

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i am originally from India. I am studying in 10th grade.